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Modern Era Platform End Ramp

Modern Era Platform End Ramp

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Modern Era Platform End Slope

Modern style single sided end slope platform section.
Laser cut and etched with paving  
The tactile paving section is resin printed to give the sharpest detail. 
Easy assembly with your painting process in mind to minimize unnecessary masking. 

Our single sided platform ends can be sited along a rear wall or used back-to-back to form a wide double sided platform

Choose 'kit only' for an unpainted flat pack kit, or have the section fully assembled and painted. (you'll be contacted via email to discuss your paint/colour choices) once your order is received.

End Slope/Ramp is supplied with parts to construct as left or right hand slope.

Finished Dimensions
End Slope - 110mm (L) x 70mm (D) x 20mm (H)
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