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Low Relief Retaining Wall Arch Kit O Gauge (Double Arch)

Low Relief Retaining Wall Arch Kit O Gauge (Double Arch)

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O Gauge
Low Relief
Double Arch Retaining Wall

Laser cut kit of 2mm & 3mm MDF and grey board

Simple layered construction with a choice of top wall style and the option to include 'j' type cable hangers

Plain Top Wall - Standard brick bond etched pattern
Relief Top Wall - Brick pattern overlay creates a recessed 2mm deep frame with brick pattern behind
Embossed Top Wall - Etched frame of a single course of bricks, usually made from a complimentary brick shade

Cable hangers are cut from MDF and fit in pre-cut holes above the arch. The cut outs are not included where the cable hangers aren't selected.

The top of the arch wall and the top wall are supplied with a run of coping stones cut and etched from grey board
Each kit is supplied with a set of brick piers to cover any joins between adjacent arches

246mm Wide
221mm High
11mm Deep (with cable hangers) or 8mm (without)

Please note: cables & pipes shown in our sample piece are not included. The kits are supplied unpainted.

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