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Modern Era Island Platform Straight - 120mm

Modern Era Island Platform Straight - 120mm

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Modern Era Platform
with Tactile Paving Insert
120mm Deep

Modern style Island platform section.
Laser cut and etched with choice of base finishes, paved coping stones and optional centre gutter cover. 
The tactile paving section is resin printed to give the sharpest detail. 
Easy assembly with your painting process in mind to minimize unnecessary masking. 
Each section includes 4 open supports to enable wiring runs to be inserted, and 2 optional closed end pieces.

Base finishes, brick, concrete, corbel brick (stepped) or stepped concrete coping.

Also available in 80mm & 100mm depths

Choose 'kit only' for an unpainted flat pack kit, or have the section fully assembled and painted. 


Finished Dimensions
Platform - 220mm (L)  x 20mm (H) x 120mm (D)
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