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Plate Girder Bridge Sides 'Thorpe Bay'

Plate Girder Bridge Sides 'Thorpe Bay'

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Plate Girder Bridge Sides
'Thorpe Bay'

Custom designed and resin printed to include fine detailing of rivets and fixings.
Sold as pairs

Choice of Lengths - We've listed our popular spans, but sections can be easily combined with a concealed join. 

Choice of style - with or without top pipe rails.

Please note that the pipe hangers and pipes are not fitted. This is to ensure that your bridge arrives safely and intact. The pipe hangers fit easily into pre-spaced notches on the top rail, and secured with a touch of adhesive

Choice of finish 
Unpainted - The plate girders will need no assembly, they are supplied in grey resin. Options including pipe rails will need simple assembly. All parts are supplied.

Painted & Assembled - Unless told otherwise, we will assume that your order will be for 2 identical spans, rather than one longer span. To make longer spans, multiple sections can be ordered and combined. Painting will be in typical grey and will rivet and detail highlighted. Other colours on requests. 

Painted with Light Weathering - Includes subtle paint fades and patches of grime

Painted with Heavy Weathering - As above plus rust streaking and patches, and heavier grime areas

If you choose any of the painted options, we will be in touch via eBay messages to clarify your requirements.
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