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Railway Sleeper Retaining Wall

Railway Sleeper Retaining Wall

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OO Gauge
Railway Sleeper 
Retaining Wall

Available in 3 heights: 5 sleeper (15mm), 10 sleeper (30mm) & 15 sleeper (45mm), each 170mm in length
supplied as kit form or fully assembled and painted

RSJ framework is resin printed in grey. Sleepers are laser cut and engraved to match code 100 track.

As a kit you will be supplied one unpainted 170mm resin printed RSJ frame. Each sleeper is individually cut and etched with the chair pattern, and is unpainted. You will receive sufficient to complete your build, plus 6 spares.

As an assembled piece, each sleeper is painted and weathered individually for a unique used appearance. (The reverse will be a single shade of dark wood). The RSJ will be in black with light weathering

170mm lengths can be easily combined to make longer runs by removing the end RSJ and joining on to another section

We also have additional sleeper in packs of 100, painted or unpainted, to order on their own or with your sleeper wall kits
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